Prof. Marina MD, PhD, University Hospital “St Ivan Rilski” – ACNE AND INFLAMMATIONS and the leading role of skin immunity and microbiome dysbiosis for their occurrence

The skin is the first barrier against infections and injuries.

It is the first to come into contact with the pathogens that cause inflammation, while being inhabited by beneficial microorganisms – the microbiome. It is extremely important for maintaining a healthy physiological environment and clean skin. Microorganisms, most often bacteria, affect the skin’s immune system for a strong protective response against pathogens, preventing their development and the appearance of pimples.

Recent medical studies have shown that dysbiosis, or imbalance of the microbiome, is a prerequisite for most inflammatory skin diseases. Dysbiosis leads to an inadequate immune response on the surface, and subsequently compromises the body’s systemic immune response. Opportunistic bacteria cause inflammation when they grow in a dysbiosis environment. The result is unprotected skin and the development of comedones, cysts and inflammatory lesions.

In skin with a balanced microbiome, the immune response is adequate and the skin is protected. This leads to therapies that naturally restore balance, normalize pH and increase the skin’s defenses. The latter is used in the creation of the new probiotic therapy “Snowborn Skinbiotics”.

“Snowborn Skinbiotics” is a topical therapy that I use in patients with mild to moderate acne and inflammation. It takes care of the bacterial balance of the skin microbiome and achieves the disappearance of pimples and inflammation.
This therapy is an extremely good alternative to systemic antibiotic treatment or topical treatment with more aggressive agents..
The entire range of Snowborn skinbiotics products has been tested at Hamilton International laboratory. Up to 70% reduction of inflammatory lesions was found in 4 weeks. This is confirmed by the significant improvement in the condition of my patients using these products.

Results in teenagers are achieved in 4-6 weeks, without drying or oiling the skin. With regular use in the morning and evening, there is a significant reduction in inflammation to healthy and clean skin.

In young skin up to 33 years, the therapy must be adapted, and the effectiveness is not only in inflammation, but also in spots of acne and pigmentation.

The therapy restores the protective functions of the skin against pathogenic bacteria to prevent the appearance of acne in the future.

As a result, the skin is healthy, with a radiant complexion, soft and restored.

The medical concept of “Snowborn Skinbiotics” is unique because it is based on the action of Probiotics in combination with Prebiotics, Proteins and Peptides.

This is a new effective approach in the treatment of young and problematic skin. They balance the microbiome, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and quickly achieve a healthy skin appearance, which is maintained with maintenance therapy.

The second big advantage is that the formulas are pure with over 99% natural origin.

The young organism deserves care without aggressive synthetic ingredients that upset the bacterial balance, destroy the surface layer of the skin, often raise its pH and predispose to inflammation. There is also a significant problem with the penetration of synthetic ingredients into the blood, which can upset the hormonal balance and lead to other undesirable consequences.

For more information visit or phone 0898 988890

Prof. Marina MD, PhD
Head of the Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases
МI МВР – Sofia

Consultant dermatologist
University Hospital St Ivan Rilski – Sofia

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