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Because healthy skin is beautiful

Gentle and delicate but strong in its nature, the snowdrop is pure, beautiful and resilient! When healthy, young skin is self-repairing, capable and full of life!

SNOWBORN was created with Nature’s perfect balance in mind! Our products were developed with a sense of responsibility for the environment as well as for young peoples health. Which is why they are environment-friendly as well as skin microbiome balancing. In fact, SNOWBORN is the first clean probiotic skincare that works to restore the skin’s bacterial balance – naturally.

To develop the purest and most effective products we selected a unique blend of bioactive and phyto ingredients. Then we combined them to work symbiotically with the skins microbiome.  The result was a range of products with light and creamy textures that are a delight to apply, leave no greasy residues on the skin and keep the skin healthy.

Active skincare and skin food

SNOWBORN is a natural skincare, created by using the latest medical research on the human microbiome and its role for human health.

So exactly how do the million bacteria, living in and on our body protect us, and why is the bacterial balance and biodiversity so important for the healthy skin?

A unique bioactive complex, combines prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics and proteins, all working in excellent symbiosis with the young skin microbiome.  Together, they nourish and energize the good bacteria keeping pathogens in check against spots and imperfections. This is natural skin food and skincare combined, a level above conventional cosmetics.

The result is balanced skin functioning, which is clean and healthy, but resilient to bad bacteria and external agents. Here’s how this works:

Probiotics Lactobacillus and Bifidus and their ferments are good bacteria that suppress the growth of pathogens and strengthen the skin’s natural defence system

Prebiotics feed the good bacteria, nourishing the skin with these barrier- and bacterial- reinforcing foods to help your skin become stronger and more resilient

Postbiotics help to maintain an environment where good bacteria thrive, when balance is restored. Lactic and hyaluronic acid are moisturizing agents that help maintain the skin’s optimal pH

Proteins of milk origin stimulate the skin’s natural defence system while working to soothe and regenerate the skin

Peptides of Leuconostoc kimchi bacteria are a natural ferment with clinically proven anti-pathogenic effects that support a healthy and diverse skin microbiome population

Gentle formulas with proven efficacy

To prove that Nature and Science are strong together, clinical trials on the products were conducted by  Hamilton International Laboratory. The results show up to 70% reduction of inflammatory lesions which means 70% healthier, calmer and cleaner skin free of pimples and inflammations.

Pure ingredients of natural origin

We achieved these results thanks to all the active ingredients that make our products gentle to the skin, safe and effective. Natural ingredients included are turmeric oil, macadamia seed oil, zingiber root extract and vitis vinifera extract. These are popular from antiquity in healthcare and work successfully together in our formulations for maximum effect.

By caring for your skin and Nature, our products are not generating synthetic waste, which is noxious for the environment. As a result, your skin is treated with the best from the Nature with dual benefits for you. A clear skin without imperfections and a cleaner environment for you and future generations.


Formulas free of preservatives and harmful chemicals

SNOWBORN is the first skincare for young skin that is free from preservatives, parabens, sulphates, perfumes, alcohol, soap and other similar ingredients that you would rather not see in your skincare products. SNOWBORN is  science, nature, good results and pure ingredients, all in perfect fusion so you can enjoy healthy skin.

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