Science and Nature in SNOWBORN

Microbiome: millions of health keepers

The microbiome is your personal ecosystem of bacteria and microorganisms that live in your body and on your skin. Together they produce all the necessary proteins, enzymes and acids for the proper functioning and  defence system of your body.

However, there is a fine balance among those bacteria which can be easily disturbed by stress, polluted environment, aggressive cosmetics or excessive use of cleaning products. As your face is left unprotected, the pathogens start growing out of control and the first signs of inflammation, irritation and acne symptoms start to appear.

Now you can help your skin with the care it needs: gentle, clean and nourished with probiotic ferments of good bacteria. SNOWBORN borrows from nature to achieve healthy, resilient and pure skin. We use only ingredients of natural origin that reinforce the skin’s defence functions and take care of its balancing process. Probiotics and prebiotics are proven to improve the immune defence and to support the growth of good bacteria. The result is perfect, good-looking and healthy skin, free of inflammation and imperfection.

Proven effect after 4 weeks

All products are clinically tested to prove their effectiveness.

They are non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic and 4 weeks clinical trial proved SNOWBORN very high efficacy.

         39% average pimples decrease

         14% average blackheads reduction

         27% average cystic inflammation decrease

         Opposite  to antimicrobial products, SNOWBORN improves skin appearances with every use, to the moment you forget about your problems.

Standard antibiotic treatment shows such results after at least 8 weeks, causing many side effects to your health. SNOWBORN wants to help you achieve great skin results sooner. So don’t delay, Explore the effects of products to confirm that they are truly effective.

The secret of healthy skin: tolerant pH

SNOWBORN is created with clean thoughts and pure intentions. We won’t make you doubt the ingredients in our products. Our skincare is free of preservatives, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and other harmful ingredients. Our formulas are developed to be tolerant of the young skin’s pH (4.5-5), thus keeping in balance the microbiome and supporting the skin’s immune protection.

SNOWBORN formulas are light, smooth and quickly absorbed by the skin without leaving a greasy feeling. While developing them, we strictly avoided the list of prohibited and dangerous ingredients.

NO preservatives and parabens

SNOWBORN does not contain preservatives and petroleum-based ingredients (parabens). Such ingredients in skincare products are extremely harmful – they are not natural, have higher pH, exude formaldehyde and are known to cause harm at cellular level. They disrupt the skin’s natural functioning and harm your health.

NO alcohol

There is no alcohol, silicic acid, peroxide, antibacterial and antibiotic ingredients in our SNOWBORN products. Skincare products that contain such ingredients disrupt the skin’s defensive barrier and wipe out all bacteria that create the microbiome. They leave the skin without defence, leading to dehydration and causing excessive dryness. In order to compensate for this, the skin generates more sebum and the subsequent cleaning procedures can cause even more serious problems.

NO perfumes

The scent of snowdrop flower in SNOWBORN is completely natural. Perfumes are major allergens and can cause redness, itchiness or other irritations. If you aren’t encountering problems with perfumes in skincare products yet, keep in mind: allergies often present themselves in time due to a disturbed skin balance.

NO sulphates

SNOWBORN products are developed to be tolerant of young skin’s pH. Skincare products with sulphates have higher pH levels (young skin’s pH varies from 4.5 to 5) and cause dehydration. This interferes with the delicate skin balance and stimulates the growth of pathogens. Our products do not change the skin’s bacteriological environment, but feeds the good bacteria so you can have even skin tone, which is free of imperfections.

Care from nature. Caring for nature.

Our products contain only biodegradable ingredients. We aren’t fond of microplastic, silicone, colouring agents, sulfates, alcohol and other environmental pollutants. In our labs, we don’t use harmful and toxic chemicals which need additional processing with natural resources. SNOWBORN packages are recyclable and we encourage you to return them for reuse.

Safe products for both animals and humans

We believe that young body and spirit must be protected from the toxic cosmetic industry. Our ethical response to that is skincare with natural ingredients of controlled origin and cruelty-free products out of love and respect for nature.

Just think how much you can save yourself and nature, if you use fewer products and still have beautiful skin and effective care.

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