It is so easy to have great skin.

While skin care for consumers varies to some degree, basic principles are tacitly imposed, which are considered mandatory and applicable to everyone.

Cleaning is mandatory! Treat pimples with aggressive lotions! Do not use oils on oily skin! These are some of the popular guidelines we have to follow.


Learn about 5 of the generally accepted rules that are completely wrong …

MYTH 1: You have to wash your face in the morning.

Facial washing is the first step in most people’s morning routine. But you don’t really need to use a cleansing gel or foam if your face is well cleansed the night before bed. A golden rule is that in the evening you must wash off makeup and dirt and moisturize the skin. If you do, in the morning you can simply cleanse your face with a tonic or light micellar water. If your skin is still oily in the morning or you feel the product applied in the evening, we recommend using light creams, instead of using aggressive facial gels in the morning to achieve this squeaky feeling of perfect purity. Excessive washing of the face with products containing aggressive synthetic ingredients leads to dryness, violation of the lipid barrier and compromising the protective functions of the skin.

TIP: To prepare your skin for day care, clean in the morning with a light tonic or micellar water on a cotton swab.

MYTH 2: For problem skin, use aggressive cleansing gels or tonics

When you suffer from pimples and inflammation, it may seem logical to dry them with strong and aggressive therapy.

Acne skin is inflamed and the normal pH balance is disturbed. That is why we should not put acids and alcohol on irritated skin, but we should use soft products.

Also, excessive washing with high-pH foaming products that contain sulfates stimulates the overproduction of sebum, which helps the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria and increases inflammation, preventing the recovery of the skin.

TIP: Look for soft, natural cleansing gels and tonics that are gentle on your skin. In addition to cleansing the skin, probiotic products restore its pH balance, preventing the development of pathogenic bacteria and the appearance of inflammation.

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MYTH 3: Don't use oils if you have oily or acne prone skin.

Logically, if you have oily skin, the last thing you want to do is add more oil. WRONG!!

Fat can be caused by a variety of reasons, including stress, diet, and also a lack of hydration. Our skin is designed to produce sebum, which is its natural hydration and oiliness. Along with a balanced skin microbiome, it is also important for the skin’s natural defenses.

When you use aggressive detergents, they remove this layer. The skin then sends signals to the sebaceous glands to produce even more sebum.

TIP: The use of light oils such as squalane and macadamia has the opposite effect, because the skin is perceived as hydrated and in a normally balanced state.

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MYTH 4: Blackheads and pimples are removed by squeezing.

Blackheads are formed when the sebum that keeps the skin hydrated through the pores oxidizes and turns black. With squeezing, some of the fat comes out, but some goes back into the epidermis. This causes inflammation and can often push bacteria into the epidermis of the skin – the perfect environment for pimples to develop.

TIP: The best way to remove pimples is by exfoliating or with products that balance the skin microbiome and sebum production.


MYTH 5: If the product makes money or hurts, it means it works.

Some products have to cause pain to work, right? NO. Most likely, your skin reacts to this product and you should stop using it.

The skin is complex and delicate in different ways and not every product fits every skin type. If something inflames the skin, it definitely does more harm than good.

Pink skin is good, red skin is bad!

TIP: If you have sensitive skin, use soothing ingredients and clinically tested products !!!

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