A new gentle approach in the fight against acne - Dr. Kotevska, Tokuda Hospital

The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and its main role is to protect the body from external physical influences.

It is inhabited by about one billion bacteria per square centimeter.

The skin microbiome is a balanced ecosystem of beneficial and opportunistic bacteria that together protect the skin from infections and external agents. It is a collection of different microorganisms, mainly represented by 4 types of bacteria (Actinobacteria, Firmicutes, Bacteroidetes and Proteobacteria).

The changes that occur in the skin microbiome sometimes lead to disease states. This is the case with the gram-positive anaerobic bacterium Proprionibacterium acnes, which is thought to play a leading role in the appearance of acne in young skin. The increase in its concentration leads to a violation of the pilo-sebaceous structures and subsequently to the production of inflammatory cytokines. Other causes of acne are increased sebum secretion as well as hormonal imbalance (increased androgenic hormones).

The disease most often affects patients around and over 12 years of age. According to the severity, it is divided into: mild acne (comedones, papules and single pustules), moderate (papules and multiple pustules), and severe acne (pustules, nodules, cysts). Treatment depends on the severity of the disease, with topical skin treatments for all forms of acne, and for more severe forms, oral therapy is added.

In my practice I always try to first apply a gentle therapy for the young body, which will restore the disturbed skin balance and help it cope with the problem. Most known therapies have anti-bacterial action or are aimed at reducing the production of sebum, both approaches leading to a change in the composition of the microbiome and weakening of its protective functions.

Recent medical studies show that the treatment of acne in young people must be tailored to the specifics of their skin in order to achieve a lasting effect. Young skin is strong, resilient and more able to regenerate than mature skin. Its pH is 4.5, unlike the elderly, where it is above 5.5. In view of this, it is necessary to apply therapies close to the natural environment of the young skin to help it in its natural recovery and the development of a strong immune defense against pathogens.

What is new in the treatment of acne in young people is therapy SNOWBORN skinbiotics, which is a complex care with clinically proven efficacy of up to 70% for the first 4 weeks. It reduces inflammation, cysts, blackheads and inflammatory pimples (shown in the photos below). Read more here.

The therapy includes the following products:

  1. Spots never again Active fluid. Aimed at the treatment of papular acne. Deactivates pathogenic bacteria, causes of acne and inflammation Read more here
  2. Back to balance Hydrating cream. Balances the skin microbiome, moisturizes the skin and cleanses the complexion.  Read more here
  3. Back to balance Micellar water.Used to cleanse the skin by regulating sebum production and shrinking pores.Read more here

After clearing the skin of pimples and inflammation, to restore its healthy appearance and clear acne spots, the use of protective lipid cream is recommended.Restore to defense. It contains natural lipids that restore and build the skin barrier, strengthening its protective functions against inflammation and external aggressors. Read more here

Snowborn Skinbiotics are the first products that are over 99% natural, specially developed for problem skin in younger people. Their role is to maintain and improve the bacterial diversity of the skin microbiome, to inhibit the growth of opportunistic bacteria (P.acne, S.aureus) and to maintain the normal pH of the skin.

Active ingredients, which are contained are probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics, proteins and peptides. The other phyto ingredients are turmeric oil and extracts, ginger, grapes, macadamia, incense, fomes officinalis (Peruvian mushroom).

All ingredients have clinically proven efficacy.

The products do not contain preservatives, parabens, alcohol, heavy chemicals and perfume, which is their great advantage! They are easy to apply and do not grease the skin.

The entire series has been tested for safety and effectiveness by an accredited Hamilton International laboratory. The test was performed among 20 patients with varying degrees of acne. Comparison of photos before the test and after 4 weeks of use of the therapy shows a significant reduction in inflammation. After another 2-3 weeks, healthy and clean skin is observed.

The probiotics contained in the products are Lactobacillus and Bifidus enzymes, which aim to support the growth of beneficial bacteria and suppress pathogenic strains. They balance the microbiome of the skin by maintaining a lower pH, at which pathogenic bacteria do not grow.

Prebiotics are a mix of soft fibers and sugars that aim to restore the skin barrier. They are also supported by 100% natural lipids, which build her physical integrity.

Deep hydration is due to postbiotics – low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and lactic acid.

Snowborn Skinbiotics is a 99% natural bacterial therapy based on new biotechnologies, which protects young skin, with high efficiency and without any side effects for the body.


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