It is so easy to have great skin.

All it needs is a bit of attention, proper care and… love. We’ve gathered some priceless pieces of advices, so you can have that too.

Young skin is strong, especially when it’s balanced and protected. If you give it the proper care, you’ll see how soon you’ll enjoy perfect facial skin. Use products with natural ingredients for the cleaning procedure and apply daily care with light formulas, emulsions and fluids for they don’t cause clogged pores. Start by following these simple pieces of advice.

1. Stop washing your face the wrong way

As you would expect, you should wash your face every morning and every evening, but there are a few things that you need to know about that:

Don’t use soap to wash your face as it causes serious harms to the pH of your skin. Soap’s pH is more than 10.5, compared to the pH of your skin (from 4.5 up to 5). Skin cleaning products often lead to the same result because of the sulfates. This interferes with the skin’s balance, dries it out and starts the production of more sebum. This way you fall in a vicious circle of constantly having oily or dry skin.

Solution: Clean your face with micellar water. Choose Back to Balance Micellar water with low levels of pH (4.7) and re-balance your skin’s processes, so you can fight all the inflammations and pimples.

2. Read the labels

We all know that it is easy to choose a product by following someone else’s recommendation, but still, you should always spend some time reading the labels. As annoying and unnecessary as it may seem, taking the time to educate yourself about ingredients will increase your knowledge and will help you make the right choice. One of the most important things that you should consider when buying a skincare product is what is the product’s pH level. Ask the consultant in the pharmacy or contact the manufacturer or supplier. If they can’t answer those type of questions, it means that the product is not developed to be tolerant of the young skin. Otherwise, the pH levels will be known to everyone.

Solution: If you don’t get all the needed information, contact us. Our professional dermatologists will answer all your questions, advise you on what product to choose and how to take care of your skin.

3. Eat smart

All bacteria in our body are in symbiosis. When there is an imbalance in the gut flora, this reflects on your face with inflammations, pimples and first symptoms of acne. We recommend you to reduce junk foods, half-finished products, and juices. Foods high in salt, sugar or processed and preserved ingredients have no nutritional qualities, but only play a bad role in the imbalanced organism. The overconsumption of sugar or salt causes a hold of water in the body and this reflects on the skin – your face starts to look puffy and tired.

One more thing: don’t forget that alcohol dehydrates the body and it’s a common reason for premature skin aging and wrinkles, regardless of the young age.

Solution: Fresh fruits and vegetables make miracles for your skin. Add more of them and a variety of nuts in your menu, and also seafood at least once per week.

4. Love your skin

Don’t get mad at your skin, just help it deal with the imperfections. The more love and care you show your skin, the more beauty it brings you. The obsession with the “ceramic white skin” and “the perfect selfiе” is unnecessary stress, along with the aggressive cosmetic procedures and the antibacterial products. Heavy makeup usually contains formaldehyde and other chemicals which are harmful to your health and interfere skin’s natural balance.

Solution: Reduce the makeup to a minimum. Your skin is young – apply only basic care, so you can return the natural beauty of the skin and get the healthy bacteria balance.

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